Cross Fork, PA

A Brief History of Cross Fork, PA
By Stephen F. Miller Jr.

Cross Fork, in its heydays of the early 1900's, had over 3000 people, not including its cross county suburb of South Cross Fork. The town's main industry was lumber, with the Lackawanna Lumber Company Mill and the Pennsylvania Stave Mill providing primary employment.

With success the town had garnered had several doctors and dentists, several restaurants with hotels and bars, a YMCA, an opera house, a school, Masonic lodges, a Odd Fellows Hall and of course many houses of prostitution. The town also had a post office and passenger service via the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad.

When the Lackawanna Lumber Company Mill closed in 1909, there were a rash of fires. These fires burned many blocks of the town until the insurance companies canceled the fire insurance policies in 1910. Thus forcing sale of property for extremely discounted prices.

The final death blow came in 1913 when the Pennsylvania Stave Mill . Within four years following the closing the town which had flourished such a short time before had only 61 people.


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