Karthaus, PA

Memories of the Karthaus by Stephen F. Miller Sr.

This is a picture of the old Karthaus Hotel (Potter House) around 1912. The hotel burnt down and they built a new one there. In the 1970s the hotel was called the Ring Rock Hotel. Hearsay indicates that a rail gang burnt it down because they got kicked out and were not allowed in to drink.

The little building was the section house and train station or at least the trainmen's headquarters. It was also the dispatch office as well. The railroad would have us give train orders on a pole to the trains as they went past telling them how far they could go and if there was anything ahead of them to look out for.

I worked out of the little section house with John Berfield. He was at the time the oldest trackman on the roster. He was number one foreman as well. John had two sons, Bill and Herb, who both worked on the track. Herb had hurt his back and retired with a disability. Bill had some bad heart attacks and had to retire as well.

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