Westport, PA

History of Civilian Conservation Corps Co. 2327, Camp S-122, Westport, PA 
from District Two Third Corps Area 1936 Annual

Civilian Conservation Corps Company 2327, Camp S-122, Westport, PA was organized on June 26, 1935, by part of Company 348, Hammersley Fork, PA, which camp abandoned at that time. Camp S-122 had been occupied by Company 37, which moved to Kato, PA, and the camp site was unoccupied for a period of about three months. Lieutenant Rolland F. White. FA-Res, was the first Commanding Officer of the newly organized Company 2327, Lieutenant Richard L. Burton was Mess Officer, LT Richard J. Abramovitz, Camp Surgeon and Ensign Joseph C. O'Neill, Post Exchange Officer. 

It was necessary to make repairs to the buildings and equipment. Lieutenant Garetto Billmire was Construction Officer, and Mr. Ernest Kendall was Superintendent of Construction while these were being made.

On June 27, 1935, ninety-one new enrollees were received from Fort Meade, making the company strength 180. When the Technical Service arrived in July 1935, the men were turned over for forestry work in the woods. Lieutenant William M Gorham, LT, USNR, became Commanding Officer of the Company December 15, 1935, relieving Lieutenant White who returned to civil life and Lieutenant David Frank, Medical Reserve, succeeded Lieutenant Leonard J. Abramovitz as Camp Surgeon, who in turn was succeeded by Lieutenant Francis Dean, Medical Officer, who is also Camp Surgeon at Camp S-78.

The camp was flooded on March 17, 1936. During the period of the march flood the camp personnel did heroic work in helping the townspeople of Westport. A detail of men under the direction of Leader Selopek helped move the belongings of the people of Westport, and transported them by boat to safety, when the rising water made it impossible for them to leave their homes by other means. 

In addition to the regular forestry work, which comprises road construction, maintenance and fire fighting, the technical staff has been construction a beautiful recreational park on Kettle Creek, about five miles upstream from the camp. The park site is located in a natural setting along the creek, among large and stately trees. There are five outdoor fire places, three shelter sheds, running water, ten benches and fifteen tables for picnic lunches. A dam is being constructed , which will make an ideal pool for swimming and boating, and ice skating, while two cabins are contemplated for any tourists who wish to remain overnight. A bath house is also being built.

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